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We provide high quality physical therapy services with innovative wellness programming. We believe in the intimate connection of body and mind, combined with a holistic approach to symptoms, health and prevention.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy provides hands on treatment to the patient. Treatment may include moving a joint or body part in a specific direction to restore the mobility and function of this region. Manual therapy may also include stretching, passive movements and other soft tissue techniques such as massage and trigger point release to allow the injured part to restore its function.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy applies to all athletes of all levels and ages and abilities. We treat acute injuries to complicated problems that may require assessment of biomechanics and technique. During the treatment process we aim to educate people on their injuries for their recovery and hopefully prevention! Commonly we see children and adolescents for growth related pain that may also be aggravated by the sports they play. It is important that both the children and parents are aware how how best to manage their condition

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Dry Needling

Dry needling can be used to assist with the treatment of muscular pain and myofascial disruption. It is effective in settling muscle dysfunction that may be related to pain, injury, stress or overuse.

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Post and Pre operative care

We work with patients who are preparing to have surgery and require strengthening and or education about their upcoming surgery. Some people may be trying to prevent or delay a particular surgery such as knee or hip replacement, shoulder surgery and a potential spinal surgery. With improvement in strength and mobility, some people are able to delay these big decisions until they are absolutely necessary.

For the post operative patient, we follow surgical protocols given by their specialist and help them to progress through their recovery. We are very knowledgeable and often have more time to spend answering questions about what to expect, pain they may experience and how to progress them so they may feel independent and in control of their rehabilitation.

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Balance and Vestibular treatment

Balance exercises and retraining proprioception are important at all ages, whether it be from an injured joint recovering (including back pain) or regaining strength and confidence after a fall. Specific exercises aim to teach your body to control your movements so they again become part of your subconscious state, this is important for every day life and particularly in sport.

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Sports Specific Rehabilitation

We see a variety of sports related injuries from the obvious and common to complicated problems that may arise for a variety of reasons. Both of us being involved in a lot of sports ourselves, and seeing such variety are very knowledgeable in adjusting your rehabilitation so that it is functional to the sport you participate in.

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Motor Vehicle Accident

We accept third party insurance for the treatment of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. Commonly whiplash and low back pain occur as a result in car accidents and treatment is a delicate procedure.

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Workers Compensation

We accept third party insurance for injuries that have occurred in the work place. We will work closely with your General Practitioner and if required your Specialist to ensure a multi disciplinary approach to your recovery.

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